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ooooooooooooohman, so I bought this more expensive plasticine and first I thought it’s gonna be the same as the cheap one, but this is so much easier to form and stuff, so now we know it’s not cause I have the wrong stuff but because I’m not that good at it afterall xD. I mean it looks pretty decent for a first try at a full body pony BUT I HAVE NO IDEA THE HECK TO ADD THE EYES XD

I love the details as wings and mane, but the body itself was kinda tricky and I can’t change her position as I thought I could.

Nightmare Night

Let’s celebrate Nightmare Night together everypony! Send me a picture or a describtion of your pony in a costume and I’ll draw a huge grouppic, I know I’m to late fro halloween, but time does’t matter now does it? I’ll finish it once I got a few together! Get to your costumes now everypony!

(if you dont want to draw it try to describe it well enough for me too draw, :3)

if you want to send in a picture feel free to use my email but let me still know here if you send one or not.

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